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It's just a tease, guys!

Posted : 7 years ago on 12 January 2012 08:55 (A review of Listennn... the Album)

I do like cool covers like this, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily good. And it's not cool when you're album cover has a spell error.

There's something about this album that I don't like. First, he's got too many people guest featuring and ruining the song, so we don't get to really hear his great voice. Second, it's just doesn't have a good beat to it at all. It's like beats put in slow-mo. DJ Khaled is not a professional DJ at all.

Final Verdict: When the title says "Listennn", it's a tease.

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Fascination can be boring

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 December 2011 05:35 (A review of Hello Fascination)

This album opens up to probaly the stragest emo-like band I've ever heard. THey are so unique that I couldn't even tell it was emo (or the terrible genre, Crunkcore).

The band members seem to have potiential, it`s just that they haven`t used it that much yet. There music style is different, with emo-pop singing combined with some techno and vocal screaming, it was a good idea. However, the big problem was they were running out of ideas, so it feels repeated. But there music is fascinating.

Final Verdict: They have great lyrics and music, but you lose interest halfway through.

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Repeated Cliches (10 times worse)

Posted : 7 years, 1 month ago on 26 December 2011 04:18 (A review of I'm Not a Fan But the Kids Like It )

My journey into this came just as expected. It was a horrid piece of music. It's like listening to banshees screaming with techno music in the background. How BrokeNCyde (note the ACTUAL spelling of the band.) has fans is beyond my belief.

The album is a long one, with no support from the band members, cause they all are terrible. The songs talk about sex, drugs and parties, which has been already explained millions of times before. If a person wants to hear this, don't let them. It's not because of the explicit content or the lyrics, it's the ear torture that is inflicted on the people across the world. And, of course, their clothes that make them look like cool guys, when their not.

Final Verdict: When the album cover syas "I'm not a fan", I'M NOT A FAN!

Damn Trolls of music.

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Keep your heart pumping

Posted : 7 years, 5 months ago on 8 August 2011 12:05 (A review of Crank (2006))

If ever a movie was made to get one's heart pumping, Crank is it. It takes a marginally believable and undeniably awesome premise, adds one of the brightest up-and-coming action stars around, stirs in some new ingredients that the genre hasn't really seen before, and bakes until the final product rises beyond all expectations. The catch phrase "a thrill a minute" doesn't really go the distance to describe how ridiculously action packed this film is. A thrill every ten to fifteen seconds is more like it. First time directors Mark Nedveldine and Brian Taylor relentlessly bash you over the head with the action hammer. Their cinematography is manic and the style is reminiscent of that used by Tony Scott in Domino. It fits the pace of the film quite well.

Jason Statham delivers to audiences the only thing he knows how to deliver, and that is pure, distilled ass kicking. That is his job, and he is very, very good at it. Make no mistake, the film is very strongly 'R' rated. There is a bounty of flesh, and a strong smattering of violence, and drug use. Don't be thrown off by Amy Smart's name on the poster. Even though she does a fine job as Statham's on screen girlfriend Eve, hers (and every other) part takes a deliberate and distant backseat to Statham's charismatic portrayal of hit-man Chev Chelios. He also manages to wind more than a few threads of pretty solid humor into the performance. All in all, its Statham's most impressive job in a leading role yet.

In a nutshell the plot revolves around Chev Chelios, poisoned by his employer after a hit went sour with a synthetic Chinese compound that blocks his adrenaline receptors. The only way for him to stay alive is to get pumped up and stay pumped up. Anything he can get his hands on to raise his adrenaline is fair game, from drugs to energy drinks to raunchy public sex and more as he tears a path of carnage and mayhem through the streets of L.A. in search of the man who tried to kill him.

Crank is everything you could feasibly ask it to be and more. The filmmakers take an iffy premise, work their magic (read 'good casting and direction') on it, and produce reel after reel of pure adrenaline on film. It packs over the top action in with incredible stunts, clever and biting humor, a decent story and some above average acting. It's one of the most entertaining films of the year and may well be a career highlight for Statham. It's one of those films that you'll definitely want to go see with a bunch of the guys. What it lacks in depth, it makes up for in pure fun and distilled manliness. A high 8 out of 10.

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